Lifetime Achievement Award

This award celebrates a person who has been active in the area, either in business or the community for 25 years or more. In up to 650 words, please describe how they have shown outstanding leadership, implemented change or new innovations, inspired and developed others, their achievements in business and how they demonstrate a strong connection to the local economy and communities. 

999 Hero Award

This award goes to someone who has made an outstanding contribution to saving the life/lives of others. In up to 650 words, judges would like to see evidence of what actions were taken, how they may have helped avert or reduce the impact of a potential disaster, and how they display their commitment to their role above and beyond the usual expectations.

Outstanding Bravery Award

This award recognises an individual who has demonstrated outstanding achievement and bravery in everyday life. In up to 650 words, please describe how this person has shown courage and bravery, perhaps in a difficult / life threatening situation or how they have overcome real adversity and trauma. 

Sportsperson of the Year

In this award we are recognising the unsung sporting heroes whose teamwork and determination have kept things going. Whether this is an individual or team, in up to 650 words, please describe the sport they are connected to, the impact they have had on others in the team or their sporting peers, how they motivate and support others and ways in which they have improved the overall engagement in their chosen sport.

Business Person of the Year

This category is to recognise the efforts of a business person who has made a difference to their local community. In up to 650 words, please describe how this person has committed to building up their community through job creation, community fundraising/support, mentoring, sponsorship, sustainability or the environment, or other important initiatives for the local area.  

Inspirational Educator of the Year

Do you know someone in education, from Early Years through to Apprentices or Higher Education, who is making a real difference to the young people they work with? In up to 650 words, judges would like to know what makes them stand out as an inspirational educator, how do they engage with the young people and what have been the lifelong benefits for those young people they support in their educational setting.

Ann Herron Community Champion Award

This award celebrates an individual who has made a significant contribution to the community. In up to 650 words, please explain why this person stands out above others, the positive impact they have on the people, the place and the businesses that operate there. This award recognises, encourages and rewards that person who is truly making a difference within their community.

Sports Volunteer of the Year

For those who voluntarily dedicate their time and resources to a club, association or committee, this award recognises how they are a positive role model to others, bringing their knowledge and experience to their role

Carer of the Year

This award will be given to an individual or team who have shown commitment and perseverance in helping provide much needed care, having a positive effect on the lives of those in their care and standing out for how special and dedicated their care giving is

Charity Person of the Year

This award recognises an individual or team who is an ambassador for charity working and a role model for the charity/charities

Inspirational Young Person

We are looking for a young person who is an inspiration to others. In up to 650 words, please explain in as much detail as possible why they should be recognised as Inspirational Young Person of the Year. Perhaps they have overcome great odds or made sacrifices, excelled academically, achieved great sporting success, raised money for a good cause, or provided great support to someone with an illness or battling through a traumatic experience.  No matter what they will be a credit to themselves and a role model for others around them.

Fundraiser of the Year

Charities and CICs will always need support to help raise vital funds for their cause. This award is to recognise those fundraisers who are employed by a charity or CIC. In up to 650 words, the judges would like to understand how this person remains motivated and inspired, even during difficult times, new ideas they have developed and implemented and the results these have had for the charity in raising awareness and/or funds. The winner will clearly be dedicated to the cause, and passionate about the work they do to help others.

Green Champion Award

This award recognises an individual, group or organisation who are actively working to improve green living, sustainability and/or their community’s approach to the environment. In up to 650 words, describe the person or group, the initiative they have implemented, how this was achieved, the impact it has had and the results. Whatever the project we want to recognise the Green Champions in the community!

Volunteer of the Year

This award is to recognise an individual who continually dedicates their time to help others completely free of charge. Whether they support charities or CICs, the local community or in a school. The  judges want to understand the person behind all their good work, how much time they spend volunteering, the impact they have on the cause, community or organisation and a testimonial from those around them.


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