Lifetime Achievement Award

This award celebrates a person who has been active in the area, either in business or the community for 25 years or more. In up to 650 words, please describe how they have shown outstanding leadership, implemented change or new innovations, inspired and developed others, their achievements in business and how they demonstrate a strong connection to the local economy and communities. 

Fundraiser of the Year

Charities and CICs will always need support to help raise vital funds for their cause. This award is to recognise those fundraisers who are employed by a charity or CIC. In up to 650 words, the judges would like to understand how this person remains motivated and inspired, even during difficult times, new ideas they have developed and implemented and the results these have had for the charity in raising awareness and/or funds. The winner will clearly be dedicated to the cause, and passionate about the work they do to help others.

Young Performer of the Year

We are looking for an individual or group who has shown exceptional talent and showmanship.

Child of Courage

This award will go to a child (age 16  and under) who has shown courage in the face of adversity, such dealing with an illness or battling through a traumatic experience. In up to 650 words, please describe how they have demonstrated an exceptional act of bravery and shown great character or fortitude. Testimonial can be included to support this entry.

Unsung Hero Award

The South Tyneside Unsung Hero award will be awarded to an individual who deserves recognition for their work in the South Tyneside  community. He or she could be a charity or community worker, a teacher a group leader or anyone who sums up the term ‘unsung hero’.

Community Champion / Group of the Year

This award celebrates an individual/or group  who has made a significant contribution to the community. In up to 650 words, please explain why this person/or group  stands out above others, the positive impact they have on the people, the place and the businesses that operate there. This award recognises, encourages and rewards that person/or group  who is truly making a difference within their community.

Environmental Champion Award

As part of the race to Net zero, we want to recognise the businesses who are playing their part by reducing their environmental impact. Are you an organisation that has dramatically reduced your carbon footprint? Or maybe you have launched a new product range which helps customers to reduce their environmental impact. Whatever the business we want to hear the success stories for those that are making a positive impact on the environment.

Business in the Community Award

This award recognises businesses which encourage growth, whilst achieving excellence, and can show that they have initiatives which have a positive impact on the local community. These businesses address the long-term social, economic and environmental needs of communities that are important to them. They can demonstrate collaborative work with other organisations across the public, private and social sectors to create resilient, thriving communities.

Child of Achievement

Tell us about a young child (up to 18 years ) who has shown exceptional achievement in any field including academics, arts, culture and sports. A child who has given a real hope for the future. 

Retail, Hospitality & Leisure Business of the Year

Recognising the significant number of Leisure & Retail businesses which service the local communities, as well as drive tourism, this award highlights excellence within this sector. Open to any restaurant, hotel, café, pub, leisure facility, shop, visitor attraction or similar business. We are looking for an organisation in this sector that excels in their field.

Business of the Year

We would like to know what makes your business successful, what makes it stand out from the crowd and what it offers that its competitors do not. The Judges will make their decision based on dedication, commitment, proven success and imagination. Financial results will be considered (when given) but will be a secondary factor to those mentioned.

​Sporting Achievement of the Year

In this award we are recognising the unsung sporting heroes whose teamwork and determination have kept things going. Whether this is an individual or team, in up to 650 words, please describe the sport they are connected to, the impact they have had on others in the team or their sporting peers, how they motivate and support others and ways in which they have improved the overall engagement in their chosen sport.

South Tyneside Ambassador of the Year

The recipient will be selected by a panel of editors and is designed to honour an individual, business, institution or charity, that has flown the flag for Tyne and Wear on a wide stage.

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