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Nufarm UK Ltd

Nufarm UK Ltd is based at Wyke, Bradford where a wide range of top-quality crop protection products, chemical intermediates, performance chemicals and polymerisation inhibitors are manufactured. All this is backed by versatile formulation facilities. Nufarm products are created in Yorkshire and exported around the world. Throughout its history, Nufarm has created new solutions to respond to farmers’ changing needs but there has never been a more exciting time to be part of the agricultural industry. Farmers around the world are being called on to produce more food with less resource and are increasingly at the forefront of global efforts to reduce the impact of humanity on our precious ecosystems. The products and solutions Nufarm provide, both in conventional chemistry as well as biological products, play an important role in helping farmers feed more people while using natural resources such as land and water more efficiently.​

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Cranswick was founded in the 1970’s by a group of Yorkshire farmers and has expanded to become one of the UK’s largest premium food producers, specialising in pork and chicken. Cranswick offer farmers the opportunity to diversify into pig and chicken production, providing an extra revenue stream for their businesses.

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Yorkshire Agricultural Society

The Yorkshire Agricultural Society was founded in 1837 to help promote agriculture in the Yorkshire region. Farming is at the very heart of what we do and the Society and our year-round charity work is vital. Amazingly the five objectives the YAS set all those years ago, remain the same today. The first objective was to run a major agricultural event and the first Great Yorkshire Show was held the following year in 1838 -the 2023 runs 11–14 July. The other four aims include: supporting and promoting agriculture, advancing and encouraging agricultural research, advancing and encouraging protection and sustainability of the environment as well as other charitable activities.

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Yorkshire Cancer Research (Charity Partner)

In Yorkshire, every 17 minutes someone is told they have cancer. Yorkshire Cancer Research is Yorkshire’s independent cancer charity. For 99 years, the charity has been dedicated to funding researchers and cancer experts who pioneer early diagnosis and discover new and better treatments for people with cancer. Yorkshire Cancer Research is committed to saving lives in Yorkshire, and beyond.

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