The Edinburgh Local Hero Award

This award is the highlight of the night and will be awarded to an individual who the judging panel considers to be Edinburgh’s Local Hero. Judges will select the winner either from entries received from other categories or from nominations specifically for this category. The award will go to someone who judges believe stand out above all other nominations.

Junior Local Hero Award

We are looking for a child, under the age of 14 who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in their life. They may have overcome great odds or made sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty. The nominee may have excelled academically, achieved great sporting success, raised money for a good cause, or provided great support to someone with an illness or battling through a traumatic experience.

Community Champion

Individuals who may have supported an individual and/or a family, or who has made a significant contribution to the community. The award not only recognises, encourages and rewards people who make a difference within their community, but inspires others to do the same. The award will be made to those whose time, effort, support and aspirations have made a significant contribution within their community for the benefit of those who live there.

Inspirational Young Adult

This award recognises, encourages and rewards an individual (16-24) who has shown exceptional drive and determination for a cause, belief or individual in the face of adversity. This may be someone who has stood up for a worthwhile cause such as racism, bullying or community cause. They could have acted selflessly and shown great bravery in a situation.

Sustainable School Award

This award is given to a primary school which has best demonstrated a commitment to environmental sustainability. Achievements could cover actions to reduce the school’s carbon footprint by reducing emissions, waste, transport impacts and other process inefficiencies.

Bravery Award

This award is for someone who has shown exceptional courage in their life. They may have overcome great odds or made sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty. The nominee may have shown courage in dealing with an illness or battling through a traumatic experience. They may have demonstrated an exceptional act of bravery and shown great character or fortitude.

Teacher of the Year

This award is to recognise a truly inspiring teacher or classroom assistant in primary, secondary, further or higher education. Someone who has made a significant difference to the learning experience of a student or a class.

Carer of the Year

This person may be an individual who has cared for a friend or family member who has made personal sacrifices in order to tend to the needs of others. It may also be an outstanding care home worker or home help.

Volunteer of the Year

This award is to recognise those who dedicate their time to help others. Individuals may spend their weekends or even give full time voluntary help to those who need it most. This is a job they do for love, not money.

Fundraiser of the Year

Charities will always need support and this award is to recognise those who continue to dedicate their time raising money and awareness. These individuals push themselves so that charities can continue doing the great work they do to help others.

Sporting Hero

This special award recognises an individual or team who have made an outstanding contribution and dedication to local sport and physical activity. This could be an individual person or a sporting team who have achieved something in relation to any type of sport. This can include coaches and managers, as well as the players themselves, and is applicable at every level from children to adults and sports clubs to schools.

Music & Arts Award

This award is for a person or group who has made a difference to the lives of others through music and the arts. It may be a longstanding music teacher or someone who thrives in helping others through drama, nominate someone you know that deserves this.

Parent or Guardian of the Year

This award is for any mum, dad, guardian or parent figure. Someone special in your life who you would like to show your appreciation for when words are simply not enough. Parenting is a rewarding but tough job. Being a good one is even tougher!

Neighbour of the Year

This award recognises an individual who has gone the extra mile to be a good neighbour. The award is for someone who gives their time to someone who needs company, support and acts selflessly towards making a neighbour’s life more pleasant

Healthcare worker of the Year

This award champions the extraordinary efforts of a healthcare worker. In up to 650 words, judges would like to understand what motivates them, inspires them and also see evidence that this person has gone above and beyond to care for and empower the community and/or people they work with. 

Nominations end in:


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