Agri-Food Business of the Year

All businesses in the agri-food sector are invited to enter, including manufacturers and retailers.

Describe the business and its products & demonstrate how you stand out from your competitors.

Agri Student/Apprentice of the Year

This category seeks to hear how your enthusiasm and positive attitude for the agricultural industry and advocacy for the study of agriculture is furthering your experience in the agri industry.

Demonstrate how you have developed your agricultural knowledge and skills during your current studies/ apprenticeship

Describe how you plan to use your agricultural qualifications and knowledge

Best Agri Impact

This category is seeking for entries from an individual, group, organisation or business that has made a strong impact on the farming industry over the past 12 months.

Digital Development Award

Digital innovation in agriculture is rapidly expanding with more and more farmers and agri-businesses recognising the benefits of multimedia platforms to grow their business, communicate with new and existing customers and improve overall public perception.

If you are using digital mediums to grow your business or promote the wider agri industry to the public then enter this category and tell us about your digital development initiative.

Family Business of the Year

We'd like to hear from inspiring families with a farming or agricultural business or businesses that employs two or more family members and has achieved success in its field or industry and are an example for others in the farming community.

Tell us about your background, achievements and aspirations for the future.

In no more than 1000 words, applicants will need to:

  • Explain why the company represents a successful family business; how the family are involved and the benefits they bring to the success of the business
  • Family values and how these have guided the development of the business
  • Plans for growth, including product/service development, family representation, people development, and/or your commitment to the community
  • Your future plans for the business, including how current and future generations will be involved


Farm Diversification Award

This category aims to recognise those rural businesses that have grabbed their future with both hands and diversified their operations, changing the course of their ambitions by embracing a diversification project that excels in its field and sustains their farming operations.

Farm Safety Affiliate Award

We would like to hear from individuals or groups who have done the most to promote health and safety in the farming community in the last year.

Farm Shop of the Year

This category will appeal to farm retailers or stores that demonstrate outstanding success as a local employer and contributing to the rural economy and local community.

Farmer of the Year

We would like to hear about our inspiring farmers who excel in their field and are an example for others to follow

Innovation in Agriculture

Innovation in agriculture involves having a progressive approach, which results in a significant performance or welfare improvement.

This will be appropriate to the scale of the enterprise, perhaps showing innovation through new practices, the application of technology or something novel.

This award celebrates innovation, of products, services, business models or initiatives.

If you are doing something different that is creating change or making a positive difference to your clients, customers or staff, then this award is for you.

In no more than 1000 words, applicants will need to demonstrate:

  • An overview of your innovation
  • The process implemented to research, develop and launch it
  • The positive impact of your innovation; covering any or all of the following - business, team, clients, stakeholders, wider community.
  • Future plans and how innovation plays a part in them

Sustainable Initiative Award

Our diverse farm landscape is home to a multitude of resources, and it has never been more crucial to ensure that these are safeguarded in a sustainable manner for the future.

This category is open to farmers and organisations with a focus on wider sustainable land resource management.

This may include maximising opportunities for carbon capture on farms through peatland restoration, wetland creation or afforestation; delivering good soil health or managing wetlands and other watercourses to minimise diffuse pollution risks, among other things.

Show evidence that you have a proactive approach to enhancing the landscape using these and other similar methods. Demonstrate how the nominee strives to promote sustainable land resource management.

Tourist Attraction/Event of the Year

This category is open to any agri-related tourist attraction/event, that showcases the agri-industry to the wider public.

Please describe its objectives and illustrate how it achieves these.

Tell us how your tourist attraction/event engages with the agri-sector and wider general public and outline its’ proudest wins and briefly explain future growth plans.

Training Initiative Award

This category welcomes entries from individuals or companies who can demonstrate their understanding of the importance of training and the subsequent impact of this on their job/work force.

Young Farmer of the Year

We would like to hear about our young farmers, (aged 40 years or under), who demonstrate excellence in agriculture in such a way that stand him or her out from their peers.

What have they achieved, what sets them apart, and what are their ambitions.

Unsung Hero Award

An Unsung Hero is a committed individual or rural-based group that have selflessly volunteered their time within the rural setting for the benefit of their community.

Tell us about your Unsung Heroes.


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