What to do when postponing an event?

The events industry is one of the hardest-hit sectors following the global escalation of the coronavirus outbreak. Many event professionals are taking precautionary measures by postponing events in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus and avoiding large gatherings, so we wanted to share our top tips to follow after making that difficult decision to postpone an event.

Arrange an alternative date

  • Firstly speak with your key suppliers and stakeholders in order to find an alternative date for the event to take place that suits all parties.
  • Think about how long would be an appropriate amount to time to postpone the event, in this case, when the pandemic is likely to have settled down.

Communication is key

  • It is imperative that all stakeholders are informed of a change in date; many people may have booked travel, accommodation or organised their calendars in order to make the original event date.
  • Use all platforms you have to get the message out so everybody has the most up to date information. Make use of email, ticket booking platforms, social media etc.

Look into alternative options

  • If postponing the event to a later date is not possible, look into alternative options! Are you able to do the event virtually? Can you host a mini version of your event which is recorded and broadcast to other event attendees?
  • You can even book onto a webinar to learn more about hosting virtual events. Here are a few that I came across when looking for alternative options for our events. BrightTALK: Flip the Switch, EventMB: Pivot to Virtual.

Stay positive

  • Finally, as event professionals, we are used to problem solving and are often ready to handle anything that comes our way when doing our jobs, however it can be overwhelming dealing with something that affects our events so dramatically. The key is to stay positive and optimistic in this situation! Follow Government guidelines and make sure the event attendee is always at the forefront of everything we do, as always.
By Lizzy Threadgold
Updated: Tuesday 31 January 2023
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