Business Person of the Year

This award celebrates a business leader or entrepreneur who shows outstanding drive, commitment and results. Applicants should demonstrate how the individual excels in the following areas:

  • Enterprising qualities and sound management practices
  • Approach to sustainable growth and commercial acumen 
  • Entrepreneurial skills and inspiration to others
  • Leadership skills and ability to bring their team into their vision and future plans

Manufacturing Business of the Year

This award recognises a business that can demonstrate an efficient and innovative approach to manufacturing. Applications should show:

  • Growth and consistent commercial performance, increased market share and operational effectiveness
  • Approach to training, team and future talent
  • Approach to sustainability and positive impact on the environment.
  • Any investment in R&D and the ROI it has generated

Best SME Business

To recognise outstanding performance by a company with a workforce of 1-249 staff who is excelling in their field. Entrants must demonstrate:

  • Evidence of clear strategy and vision, aligned with financial growth and/or team
  • How you have overcoming challenges and turned difficult situations around
  • Excellence in your field and commitment to customer service
  • Investment in training and performance
  • Innovative or effective marketing

Innovation Award

This award celebrates innovation: of products, services, business models or initiatives. If you are doing something different that is creating change or making a positive difference to your clients, customers or staff, then this award is for you.  Entrants will need to:

  • An overview of your innovation
  • The process implemented to research, develop and launch it
  • The positive impact of your innovation; covering any or all of the following - business, team, clients, stakeholders, wider community.
  • Future plans and how innovation plays a part in them

Family Business of the Year

This award is for a business that employs two or more family members and has achieved success in its field or industry.  Applicants will need to:

  • Explain why the company represents a successful family business; how the family are involved and the benefits they bring to the success of the business
  • Family values and how these have guided the development of the business
  • Plans for growth, including product/service development, family representation, people development, and/or your commitment to the community
  • Your future plans for the business, including how current and future generations will be involved

Best New Business/Start-Up Award

This award is open to start-up businesses operating for under two years. Please provide:

  • An overview of why the business launched and the gap in the market at that time
  • Evidence of your business success and progress to date
  • How your business/service/product compares to other start-ups, particularly those in your business sector
  • Vision and plans for future growth

Leisure or Tourism Business of the Year

Open to any retail, leisure facility or shop excelling in its field and driving positive economic impact for the area. Applications will demonstrate:

  • Overview of your business and top achievements in the last 12 months
  • Approach to team, staff retention and training
  • Approach to customer experience and loyalty
  • Involvement in the local community

Best Pub or Bar (NEW)

This is a brand new category for 2024 and celebrates Pubs or Bars in the Mid Ulster area. Whether it's a chic urban hotspot with a great cocktail list, or a cosy neighbourhood gem with an open fire, this award honours the establishments that elevate the art of bartending, delivering not just amazing drinks, but an immersive journey for every visitor. This award celebrates exceptional drink varieties, great pub food, good customer service and a welcoming ambiance.

Sustainability Award (NEW)

This brand new award will be presented to a business that puts sustainability and the environment at the heart of its business. You should describe your company’s commitment to:

  • Ensuring its environmental impact is kept to an absolute minimum, for example through recycling, carbon offset, water conservation or sustainable energy schemes.
  • Sustainability achievements in the last 12 months
  • How you are helping to drive wider progress in the green economy
  • Demonstrate your business growth and financial success whilst delivering social and environmental benefit.

Employer of the Year (NEW)

This brand new award for 2024 recognises the businesses that have shown commitment to the development and welfare of its people, by encouraging communication, creativity and proactivity throughout the organisation. Please demonstrate:

  • Evidence of a fulfilling and stimulating work environment
  • Employee engagement and training
  • Great staff relations and good staff retention
  • How you show appreciation, genuine commitment to, and trust in, your people 
  • Testimonials from staff 

Best Restaurant (People's Choice) - NEW

This is an exciting brand new category for 2024 and celebrates the fantastic restaurants and eateries in the Mid Ulster area. The shortlisted businesses will be put to the public vote in the Mid Ulster Mail to determine our winner for 2024. We are looking for businesses that offer tasty food that accommodates all dietary requirements, fantastic customer service, a warm welcome and a dining out experience to remember!

Business in the Community Award

This award recognises a dynamic contribution a company has made to the local community by supporting local charities, initiatives or other community events. This category is not open to charities, CICs or community focused organisations. Entrants will:

  • Explain the company’s strategic mission to engage with the local community and why this was important to the business
  • What the strategy involves and how this is implemented
  • The positive impact the strategy has on the community; people, places, purpose
  • How the business works with the community in relation to employee engagement, marketing, training and support.

Nominations end in:


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