The selection process for the awards involves an impartial panel of industry experts who generously volunteer their time to evaluate submissions. These individuals are chosen for their expertise and experience.

Judges review entries, ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation. In cases where judges have conflicts of interest within specific categories, they abstain from participating in the assessment of those particular entries.

Upon the submission deadline, judges receive all entries in a uniform format, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Each entry is then scored by the judges based on the defined criteria for each category.

Judges meet to discuss their assessments and collectively reach a final decision on a single day, solely based on the content provided in the written entries.

It is crucial to note that the entire judging process is conducted confidentially, and all decisions reached during this process are considered final.

Neil McIntosh

Editor - The Scotsman

Neil McIntosh was appointed Editor of The Scotsman in 2021. Previously he worked in a variety of editorial and digital roles for the Guardian, The Wall Street Journal and the BBC. A graduate of Edinburgh Napier University and the Open University Business School, he lives in Edinburgh with his wife, family and unruly border collie.

David Miller

Managing Director - STEP

David joined the STEP team in June 2015, bringing with him extensive experience as a seasoned and accomplished finance professional with robust leadership skills. With nearly three decades of expertise, he has excelled in various aspects of finance, specialising in Leadership, Development, Budgets, and Financial Management across both the public and private sectors.

In his role as the Managing Director of STEP, David serves as a key member of the senior leadership team. His hands-on approach and strong motivation actively contribute to driving the company & strategic growth. Through his leadership, he plays a pivotal role in shaping and executing the organisation & vision and goals, making significant strides towards success.

Mike Barclay

Director of Business Support - STEP

Mike joined the STEP Team in May 2021, enriching the team with his extensive business and media experience spanning over two decades. As an experienced senior manager, Mike possesses hands- on practical expertise not only in developing strategies but also in translating them into creating operational results. His professional journey has seen him contribute across various areas of business.

Throughout his career, Mike has found particular enjoyment and success in implementing a culture of change through strategic planning and effective communication. His proficiency in navigating and fostering organisational transformation makes him a valuable asset to the team, ensuring that STEP remains adaptable and innovative in a dynamic business landscape.


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