An engaging full day conference designed to encourage networking, spirited debate and information sharing.

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Kindly note that agenda sessions and timings are subject to change.

8:30 am

Registration and networking

9:25 am

Welcome from host

Kim McAllister

Business Journalist, BBC Radio
9:30 am

Welcome from The Scotsman

Neil McIntosh

Editor, The Scotsman
9:35 am
Panel Discussion

Investment Strategies for 2024

Explore cutting-edge investment strategies for 2024! Stay ahead of the curve with insights into latest economic trends and where the exciting growth opportunities are in the world today. Ideal if you're a seasoned investor or just starting, discover strategies to navigate the dynamic market and make informed decisions for a successful financial future.

Sponsored by:

Sri Chandran

Vice President, Product Specialist & ESG Product Lead, Franklin Templeton Emerging Markets Equity

Mark McSherry

Editor and publisher, Scottish Financial Review

Rhona Campbell

Chair, Investing Women Angels

Matthew Parkinson, CFA

Fund Manager, Waverton
10:30 am
Panel Discussion

Alternative Investment

Discover unconventional and diverse opportunities beyond traditional markets. This session will explore a range of strategies to diversify your portfolio and potentially enhance returns.

Lucie Majstrova, CFA

Multi-Asset and Income investment specialist, Baillie Gifford

Andrew Castell

Partner, Par Equity

Claire Armstrong

Scotland Managing Partner, Dentons

Tom Edwards

Associate Director, Savills
11:15 am

Break and networking

11:40 am
Panel Discussion

Sustainability and ESG

This session will uncover opportunities that align financial growth with positive environmental and social impact. Learn about eco-friendly funds, green technologies, and socially responsible investment approaches to make a difference while building a resilient and profitable portfolio.

Sponsored by:

Tom Ham

Group CEO, Calton

Ola Abdul

CEO, Fundment

Connor Davidson

Senior Investment Analyst, North Capital
12:30 pm

Impacts of the new AI paradigm on long-term investments

The emergence of the new AI paradigm has significantly reshaped the landscape of long-term investments, ushering in a transformative era characterised by unprecedented opportunities and challenges. This session will discuss the impacts on long-term investments and what to expect.

Sponsored by:

Ben James

Investment Specialist Director, Baillie Gifford
1:00 pm


1:50 pm
Panel Discussion

Round up from the day

Kim McAllister

Business Journalist, BBC Radio

Rosemary Gallagher

Head of Commercial Content , The Scotsman
2:05 pm

Fireside chat

Kim McAllister

Business Journalist, BBC Radio

Mark Beaumont

Partner, Investor Relationships, Eos Advisory
2:45 pm

Closing remarks

2:50 pm

Conference close

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Kindly note that agenda sessions and timings are subject to change.

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