“Double discounts” on emerging markets?

“Double discounts” on emerging markets?

We all love the satisfaction of a bargain or a good deal.  This can be trickier to achieve with investments and the mantra that “time in the market not timing the market” seems sensible for long-term investors.

However, there are indicators that can serve as valuable data points that highlight key trends or exceptions to the norm that assist decision making.  At the moment, there are some that point to a "double discount” opportunity on emerging markets.

Emerging markets valuations are at 20-year lows relative to their developed peers and the discount on the shares of the Templeton Emerging Markets Investment Trust (TEMIT) is higher than trend.

But future earnings of emerging markets tops the charts and they include some of the fastest-growing and dynamic economies, why not take a closer look?

While valuations may be tempting in theory, it’s crucial to remember that discounts or the allure of ‘buying cheap’ does not guarantee investment success and positive returns.


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By cameronhenderson
Updated: 13 March 2024
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