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Nottinghamshire County Council

“Building a successful future together”

Nottinghamshire County Council has a vision for a healthier, prosperous, and greener future. To achieve this, an economic transition plan, supported by the Growth, Infrastructure, and Development team, focuses on key areas for success. The team prioritises supporting businesses to adapt and grow, enhancing skills and career opportunities for individuals, revitalising the visitor economy, developing essential transport infrastructure, ensuring reliable digital connectivity, and strategically enhancing the county's assets to attract funding and investment.

By addressing these priorities, Nottinghamshire aims to drive sustainable growth, create employment opportunities, and bring the goals of the council plan to fruition. Working together, the community can shape a brighter future for Nottinghamshire that benefits businesses, individuals, and the overall well-being of the county.

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Mansfield Building Society

Mansfield Building Society is a modern independent building society – a friendly haven for thousands of savers and a versatile lender for those looking to purchase residential or investment property.

As a mutual organisation, run for the benefit of its members, The Mansfield puts people first by offering a diverse and flexible range of mortgage solutions, valuing the loyalty of its existing savers and borrowers, and actively supporting the future development of the local community in which it serves.

Drop into a branch in Mansfield, Sutton, Kirkby or Chesterfield, or find out more at mansfieldbs.co.uk.

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