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Data, Deepfakes and Democracy 

Thursday 26th September 2024

The Royal College of Physicians, Edinburgh

Data and artificial intelligence has played an increasingly prominent role in elections in recent years. 2024 is packed with democratic elections, in countries including the UK, United States and India, but what impact will data and AI have - both positive and negative?
How are rogue actors spreading disinformation and deploying plausible deepfakes to influence elections - and undermine our trust in democracy more generally?
How can democratic societies counter those threats  - and more importantly, how can we build better future democracies by regulating and controlling AI and data effectively?
Hear from experts on these and a range of other issues around the complex interplay between artificial intelligence, data and democracy.

Event Details

Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Edinburgh
8:30 am4:30 pm
26th September, 2024
Business Dress
Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, Queen Street, Edinburgh, UK

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