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Data-Driven Innovation (DDI)

From food production and climate change, to exploring Space and genetically-tailored healthcare, the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) initiative is a cluster of innovation hubs that bring academic disciplines together to delve into some of the world’s most pressing challenges – using data to innovate.

Innovation starts with an idea. Turning an idea into reality needs partnership. So the DDI initiative is striving to help researchers collaborate with businesses, charities, and the public sector, at the crossroads of data science, research, and real-world challenges – where exciting innovations can take place.

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Research Data Scotland

Research Data Scotland helps researchers find and make use of health, social care and administrative data that can improve the lives of people in Scotland.

We work with researchers and policymakers to widen the range of data available, create new assets and provide a single point of contact for safe and secure access to public sector data.

We are a charity created and funded by the Scottish Government

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