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The urgent need for the life sciences industry to not only focus on its products but also on the methods of delivery. With global health and environmental challenges escalating, there's a call for the industry to innovate for sustainable progress.

Emphasising the delivery of value "faster and cleaner" underscores the urgency in addressing these issues. It's not just about what the industry produces but also about reducing environmental impact and aligning with goals like decarbonisation and digitalisation.

Scotland's strengths in science and innovation are noted, indicating its potential for leading in sustainable practices. With robust research and expertise, Scotland can drive impactful innovation in the life sciences sector.

The industry must adapt and innovate to meet present and future challenges, prioritising sustainability and efficiency.

Event Details

Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Edinburgh
9:00 am5:00 pm
21st November, 2024
Business Dress
Edinburgh International Conference Centre, Morrison Street, Edinburgh, UK

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