An engaging full day conference designed to encourage networking, spirited debate and information sharing.

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Kindly note that agenda sessions and timings are subject to change.

9:30 am

Chair's Welcome

An explanation of the context and the focus for the day

Alix Mackay

Event Host,
9:35 am

ILG Welcome

An ILG update around actions to help the Industry Grow Strong – 2025 strategy update

Mark Cook

Chair, ILG
9:45 am
Panel Discussion


An opportunity for discussion around
- Net Zero goals
- Company carbon footprints in relation to their supply chains
- Expectations for supply chains to start calculating and quantifying their carbon footprints

Includes an Q&A session

Sponsored by:

John Arthur

Director of the Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre, UK-CPI

Wendy Rayner

Head of NHS Circular Economy Programme, NHS Scotland

Matt Shaughnessy

Head of Operations Sustainability, AstraZeneca
10:40 am
Panel Discussion

Calculating Carbon

Insights, experience and advice shared by panellists supporting their network to calculate carbon

Clare Wharmby

Climate Strategies Lead, Edinburgh Climate Change Institute

Addie MacGregor

Sustainability Executive, ABHI

Ian Archer

CEO, BioConnect
11:05 am

Break and Networking session

A chance to grab a coffee and network in the exhibition area

11:30 am
Panel Discussion

Data & Digitalisation

Discussion around the role of digitalisation and use of data (and what this means for the supply chain) in:
- Compound discovery
- AI innovation
- Cell & Gene Therapy
- Bringing drugs to market faster

Includes Q&A session

Sponsored by:

Jacqueline Barry

Chief Clinical Officer, Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult

Keith Morris

Smart Manufacturing, PM Group

Kevin Bruce

Chief Technology and Strategy Officer , RoslinCT

Fernanda Masri

Head of Manufacturing Innovation and Partnerships, Cell & Gene Therapy Catapult

Alison Caldwell

Group Leader in Analytical Development, Resolution Therapeutics
12:30 pm

Foundations for the Future

Opportunity to hear the key actions from the Life and Chemical Sciences Skills Summit

Includes Q&A session

Dr Claire Garden

Associate Prof, Head of Teaching and Learning, Edinburgh Napier University
12:45 pm

Introduction to the Best Practice Sessions

An introduction to the afternoon parallel best practice sessions

Alix Mackay

Event Host,
12:50 pm

Lunch and Networking Session

A chance to enjoy lunch, visit the exhibition stands and network with fellow delegates

2:00 pm


Clouds and Connectivity

Practical advice and case examples for digitising

Sponsored by:

Mark Warne

Chief Executive, Deepmatter Group Ltd

John Mackay

Industry Expert, Siemens plc

Rob Innes

Head of Life Sciences, Wyoming Interactive

Jon-Paul Sherlock

Executive Director, Manufacturing Technology Strategy, AstraZeneca

Dr. Dave Berry

Head of Digital Business Systems, CPI

Simon Webb

CEO, Liminos

Steven Kenny

Chief Technology Officer, DTG


Case examples of normalising and nurturing entrepreneurialism in the ecosystem

Sponsored by:

Graham Watson

Executive Chair, InnoScot Health

Ayham Alnabulsi

Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, EpitogenX

Dr Soumya Palliyil

Head of Scottish Biologics Facility, University of Aberdeen
3:10 pm

Break and Networking

Final chance of the day to network with fellow delegates and browse the exhibition

3:30 pm


Showcase of our most high growth companies - what they do and how they are adopting digital, data and decarbonisation

Sponsored by:

Dr Reuben Carr

Head of Chemical Biology, Ingenza

Dr. Eve Hanks

CEO & Founder , MI:RNA Diagnostics

Elaine Jamieson

Head of Food and Drink and Life Sciences, Highlands and Islands Enterprise

Professor Ed Craig

CEO, Carbogenics

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Kindly note that agenda sessions and timings are subject to change.

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