The selection process for the awards involves an impartial panel of industry experts who generously volunteer their time to evaluate submissions. These individuals are chosen for their expertise and experience.

Judges review entries, ensuring a fair and unbiased evaluation. In cases where judges have conflicts of interest within specific categories, they abstain from participating in the assessment of those particular entries.

Upon the submission deadline, judges receive all entries in a uniform format, ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Each entry is then scored by the judges based on the defined criteria for each category.

Judges meet to discuss their assessments and collectively reach a final decision on a single day, solely based on the content provided in the written entries.

It is crucial to note that the entire judging process is conducted confidentially, and all decisions reached during this process are considered final.

Nicola Childs

Head of People Development - Sheffield Forgemasters

Bradley Longford

Graduate Business Development Manager - Henry Boot Construction

Bradley joined Henry Boot Construction in November 2017 in his current position as a Trainee Business and Marketing Assistant. Soon after, he began his Chartered Management Degree Apprenticeship, which he has now completed. He started in the Marketing department, working on news articles and managing social media. However, over time, he has been working more on the Business Development side, seeking new opportunities through research and networking.

Keith Richardson

Hub Manager - South Yorkshire Apprenticeship Hub

Keith joined the South Yorkshire Apprenticeship Hub is September ’23 as the Hub’s Manager. He and his team provide free and impartial advice to employers to help them make better and more informed decisions when employing an apprentice. Prior to this he has worked for a university, independent training provider and two professional bodies in senior apprenticeship roles. Back in 1985 Keith started his career as an apprentice with British Aerospace which he states created a great foundation for his future.


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