Best Cafe or Deli

This category celebrates establishments that redefine the art of gastronomy, blending exceptional flavours with an inviting ambiance. From artisanal coffee houses to charming delis, contenders in this category embody the spirit of culinary innovation and customer satisfaction. Judges will scrutinise menu creativity, quality of ingredients, and the overall dining experience.

Best Bar

Whether it's a chic urban hotspot or a cosy neighbourhood gem, the Best Bar Award honours the establishments that elevate the art of bartending, delivering not just amazing drinks, but an immersive journey for every visitor. Join us in raising a glass to the bars that redefine the standard and set the bar high.

Best Brunch

This category will recognise culinary innovation, diverse menu selections, and a delightful ambiance. We are looking for establishments that redefine the art of brunch, creating a memorable and indulgent culinary journey for customers seeking a perfect blend of breakfast and lunch.

Sustainability Award

This category is open to any hospitality business and celebrates the establishments that have the environment at the heart of their business. Do you have a zero-waste policy, are you somewhere that emphasises using seasonal and local produce, do you recruit local staff or run your business using clean energy? We want to hear from all food and hospitality businesses leading the way in the environmental revolution and concerned for our planet.

Best Speciality

Is your restaurant targeting a particular sector…possibly serving tasty vegan or vegetarian food, or offering mouth-watering gluten free or dairy free dishes? If you’ve carved out a niche and offer outstanding specialist cuisine -  then shout about your expertise in this category.

Best World Restaurant

Embark on a global culinary journey in our Best World Restaurant category, where flavours from every corner of the globe converge in a symphony of taste. This category will award a restaurant that showcases a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a deep understanding of global cuisines.

Best Hotel Restaurant

Introduced just a year ago, this award honours hotel-based restaurants. These establishments not only draw in local customers but also entice visitors from both nearby and distant locations with their delectable menu, diverse drink selection, and excellent customer service.

Best Pub or Brewery

This award acknowledges outstanding establishments that epitomise the essence of conviviality and craftsmanship. Celebrating the art of brewing, exceptional beer varieties, and a welcoming ambiance, this category honours pubs and breweries that excel in delivering a memorable experience, blending quality libations with a spirited social atmosphere.

Best Takeaway

Recognising excellence in the culinary realm, the Best Takeaway Award celebrates establishments that elevate the art of takeout. From delectable flavours to seamless packaging, this category honours those who redefine the takeaway experience, delivering exceptional dishes with unparalleled convenience, making dining at home a gourmet delight.

Best Family Friendly Award

This award recognises eateries that excel in creating an inclusive and enjoyable dining experience for families. These establishments go beyond exceptional cuisine, providing a welcoming atmosphere, kid-friendly menu options, and attentive service that caters to the diverse needs of families, making dining a delightful and memorable experience for all.

Newcomer of the Year

This is always a popular category and one of the hardest to judge. We want to celebrate the restaurants, bars, pubs, cafes and more which have made their dreams a reality - recognising the hard work and passion that goes into opening a business. This category applies to restaurants which are within their first 1-2 years of trading. 

Best Customer Service

Recognising excellence in customer service, this award celebrates establishments that consistently go above and beyond to prioritise customer satisfaction. Honouring those who excel in responsiveness, communication, and problem resolution, the Best Customer Service Award highlights a commitment to fostering positive customer experiences and building lasting relationships.

Rising Star Award

This brand new category for 2024 celebrates the young or up-and-coming chefs of Leeds who have something truly special. Judges want to see creativity, talent and heaps of potential, whether it’s cooking in fine-dining establishments or for their own street food business. These chefs are the most likely to make a significant impact on the Leeds restaurant scene in years to come.

Best Fine Dining Experience

Indulge in opulent gastronomy and impeccable service with our Best Fine Dining Experience award. This prestigious accolade celebrates establishments that elevate dining to an art form, showcasing culinary mastery, luxurious ambiance, and an unforgettable journey for the senses. Discover a world where every meal is an exquisite masterpiece.

Outstanding Contribution Award

We are looking for an individual who has stood out as going above and beyond over the past 12 months. This award is a chance for us to celebrate someone who has made an outstanding contribution, be it battling against personal challenges, using their restaurant/business to make an impact in the local community or joining forces with other groups to make a difference. If you know of someone who has made a difference then we want to recognise these incredible achievements.

Chef of the Year

This prestigious award recognises a chef who embodies the spirit of gastronomic artistry, demonstrating unparalleled skill, creativity, and leadership in the kitchen. From crafting exquisite dishes that tantalise the palate to inspiring culinary trends, the Chef of the Year is a visionary force shaping the world of gastronomy. This award not only acknowledges exceptional culinary prowess but also applauds a chef's ability to inspire, mentor, and elevate the entire culinary community.


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