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Dish Hospitality Recruitment

Eddy brings over three decades of hospitality experience as both an executive chef, restaurant owner and recruiter within Yorkshire and the north of England. With a real-time database of over 4,000 candidates, first-class technologies keeping potential staff up to date with current opportunities, and a live temporary workforce, which sees approximately 50 temporary chefs & front of house staff working for us on a weekly basis, we are ideally suited to fulfil your recruitment needs, both on a temporary and permanent basis.

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Leeds Hotels & Venues Association

The Leeds Hotels and Venues Association (LHVA) is a membership-led, not-for-profit organisation dedicated to supporting members with knowledge and valuable information to assist their businesses, whilst raising the profile of Leeds to attract business and leisure tourism to the city. With 30+ members across the city centre and the wider Leeds area, the Association acts on behalf of the interest of its members with presentations from industry experts, quarterly data intelligence reporting, and regular updates from key city stakeholders.

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Chef Works

Chef Works is the only true global hospitality uniform company manufacturing and distributing uniforms across 90+ countries. As chefs continue to travel our brand reputation for quality design and consistency alongside great customer service travel with them. Our roots are in the kitchen evolving to the Front-of-House with a focus on fit-for-purpose uniforms that are stylish, comfortable and durable with the breadth of range to outfit all hospitality professionals. We love hospitality!

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ReFood is the European market leader in food waste recycling. We offer businesses of all sizes an alternative to sending unwanted food to landfill with our safe, secure, closed-loop, end-to-end solution. We improve companies’ green credentials, reduce their carbon footprint and lower their overall food waste disposal costs by up to 50%. By combining the very best knowledge and technology with decades of experience in environmentally sustainable practices, we deliver the ultimate recycling service to private and public sectors across the UK. And, our cutting-edge Anaerobic Digestion facilities create renewable energy as well as ReGrow, our nutrient-rich biofertiliser. Welcome to greener, safer, cheaper food waste recycling.

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Habbibi (After Party Venue)

Nestled within the vibrant Victoria Gate, Habbibi by Abdu Rozik stands as a captivating haven that seamlessly blends Middle Eastern allure with a touch of Dubai-inspired opulence.
This shisha bar and restaurant will definitely be a go-to destination, enticing guests with an array of shishas, delectable Mediterranean cuisine, tempting desserts, and a selection of Middle Eastern inspired cocktails and mocktails. Upon entering Habbibi, guests are transported to a world of Arabian splendour, as the Dubai-inspired interior captivates the senses. The ambiance exudes sophistication, creating the perfect backdrop for a night of indulgence. The venue’s terrace, adorned with shisha setups, offers a unique and relaxed setting for enthusiasts to savour their favourite flavours while enjoying the atmosphere.

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Aphasia Support (Charity Partner)

Aphasia is a language disorder which affects a person’s ability to speak, read, write and understand language. It can be as a result of stroke or head injury and can have a devastating impact on a person’s life. Aphasia Support are a registered charity who seek to help people with aphasia to communicate with confidence. The charity currently works across Yorkshire helping people with aphasia work on communication goals which have been identified by themselves with the support of speech and language therapists and their carers.

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Fearns (Drinks Sponsor)

Leeds is a thriving city of creativity and culture. People are proud, communities share ideas and there's a melting pot of independents with something for everyone. Fearns gets its name and inspiration from the city around us. The name derives from Fearns Island, a small area of land within Leeds Dock's waterways. Where Leeds offers up the produce, brands, music and homegrown talent, Fearns is the trading post bringing all of this together in exchange for new experiences to showcase the best of Yorkshire.

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